About Us

Dedicated, experienced, trusted

ITH Construction Limited is a family owned and operated building business based in Templeton Narberth.  Our work is generated through repeat business with customers with whom we have developed a long-term relationship and also through referrals from existing customers.

Our business is based upon building a relationship of openness and trust with our customers, where we take time to understand your needs and priorities and help you make sense of the choices and cost implications of those choices.   We then apply our experience and expertise to turn your vision into a high-quality finished product.

We are City & Guilds qualified and take pride in our professional craftsmanship.

We are dedicated to completing on time and within budget and we offer quality craftsmanship for all our building and commercial projects.

Our Process


Design Conception Phase

The process of articulating and defining the project’s goals, as well as analysing the plan’s feasibility, is the initial phase of any big project. The planning phase, in layman’s words, is when the owner, architect, and construction manager have early discussions about what will be built, whether it will be approved by the jurisdictional authorities, and factors such as scope and quality assumptions.

Every goal you establish must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). They should also be CLEAR (Collaborative, Limited in scope, Emotional, Appreciable, and Refined). This is when a strategy defining the time frames, tasks, and dependencies comes in help. Materials, labour, and equipment costs should all be estimated in the budget. 


Pre-Construction Phase

Pre- Construction begins with construction documents, which translate early planning into contract paperwork that will be submitted for a building permit and communicated to the contractor to clarify exactly what is being built.

The following submittal procedures are also coordinated with the rest of the project team:

  • Deadlines for submittal delivery
  • Transmission method for submittals
  • Procedure for reviewing submissions
  • Review of deadlines
  • Controlling communications and documents


Construction Phase

This is the point at which all of your planning will pay off. Your construction manager and contractor will transfer the project into actual construction as the project’s communications hub. Construction Administration is the job of the professional team during this phase.

To undertake quality control inspections, reply to Requests for Information (RFIs), examine and approve technical submittals, and generally guarantee that the project is delivered by the contractor as designed, your architect, all engineers, and consultants should be hired for full CA services. Construction will move forward smoothly if your team has completed the planning and preconstruction phases attentively and correctly.


Performance and Monitoring Phase

This step occurs at the same time as the implementation procedure. Performance and monitoring ensure that all items are completed on time and in accordance with the project schedule. As a result, it is a regular step that should be addressed during execution.

From start to completion, every project should follow the project management plan. KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators, are the ideal tools to employ at this time. Here are some (Key Performance Indicators)


Project Closure Phase

Project closure, is the final stage of the project. This is a crucial phase that, if not handled properly, may turn a good project into a headache for the owner. More than just finishing the punch list, project close-out procedures include handing over the project to the client so they can begin occupancy or operations.

All project information, a construction closeout document list, and all closeout documentations such as manuals, warranties, as-builts, and final accounting must be supplied to clients. Construction-related insurance must be replaced with permanent property insurance.


Previouse Projects

We have completed many projects over the years and continue to do so.  Below are three projects that showcase three different areas of expertise.

LFFN Kilgetty Bypass

Civil Works

Noble Court

Caravan Park Ground Works

Knights Court

Small Housing Development

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